Who will we consult with?

Throughout development, North Falls will consult with stakeholders to gather feedback on the way the project is being assessed and on the project itself as it begins to take shape. The groups of stakeholders, or consultees, are defined as follows:

  • Those directly affected including: statutory bodies, the relevant Local Authorities, landowners and others with an interest in the land or who may be affected by the construction and operation of a consented scheme. These groups are sometimes referred to as Section 42 consultees.
  • The local community, which is defined as those people living or working within a defined distance of the onshore infrastructure or those who may have an interest in the area, for example, local archaeology groups and mariners and the fishing community or other non-statutory groups. These are sometimes referred to as Section 47 consultees.
  • The general public. These are those people beyond the local community who will primarily be reached through national newspaper advertisements and on the project website. These are sometimes refered to as Section 48 consultees.

We will carry out targeted activities for each group of consultees and a statement of community consultation (SoCC) will be published detailing how we will consult with the local community.

Other nearby infrastructure projects

North Falls Offshore Wind Farm is a nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) and as such, is required to consider its cumulative impact and in-combination effects in relation to other relevant infrastructure projects.

North Falls is aware of number of other NSIP and infrastructure developments proposed in the region and the project team is already engaging with a number of these project promoters. This engagement will continue throughout the North Falls development process.

Part of this engagement will include monitoring and exploring opportunities for cooperation with the developers of the projects as far as is practicable, as part of the development process.